When Is a Sea Wall a Good Idea?

September 13, 2018
Scientists at Columbia’s Earth Institute are using simulations to test how well different methods protect coastal areas from hurricanes and sea level rise. Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence To Locate Risky Dams

August 23, 2018
In the U.S., some 2,000 high hazard dams are in need of repairs. A project from the Columbia Water Center is helping to identify the most hazardous ones. Read More

Where Will Future Migrants Come From?

August 21, 2018
A project that anticipates how people will move in response to environmental changes could help to bolster social and humanitarian support for countries in crisis. Read More

Analysis: Congressman Curbelo’s Carbon Tax Could Dramatically Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

July 24, 2018
Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy has analyzed how the proposal would affect the U.S. economy and emissions, as well as low-income households. Read More

If You Think This Summer’s Heat Waves Are Bad, Just Wait for the Future

July 17, 2018
Rising temperatures and humidity could make summers unbearable in the southeastern U.S. and beyond, according to a study published in December. Read More

Food Web: Trade Networks May Be Key to Solving Hunger

June 28, 2018
Columbia’s Center for Climate Systems Research is building a network analysis program that can pinpoint trouble spots in the global food trade system. Read More

A World Warmer By Just 2°C Will Be Very Different From Today

June 25, 2018
Past warm periods indicate that even the Paris Agreement’s limits on global warming could have catastrophic consequences over the long-term. Read More

Climate Change May Soon Hit Billions of People. Many Cities Are Already Taking Action.

June 20, 2018
Billions of people in thousands of cities around the world will soon be at risk from climate-related heat waves, droughts, flooding, food shortages and energy blackouts by mid-century, but many cities are already taking action to blunt such effects, says a new report from a consortium of international organizations. Read More

How Will People Move as Climate Changes?

June 13, 2018
A new model estimates how many climate migrants there will be, where they are likely to go, and what effects they might have on the places to which they move. Read More

Climate-Related Flooding May Quickly Disrupt Global Trade Chains

May 28, 2018
Intensifying river floods caused by global warming may hamper national economies worldwide, and effects might propagate through global trade and supply networks, a new study says. Read More
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