Financial Resources

Course Grading Assistantships

Each semester, the program offers 10 course grading assistantships to highly achieving students on a competitive basis. Students who are awarded these positions assist instructors with the grading of assignments and other administrative duties associated with courses in the program. Assistantships pay students $5,500 per semester. Students will also be eligible to apply for the dozens of curriculum and grading assistantships offered by other Earth Institute-affiliated graduate and undergraduate programs.

Earth Institute Internships

The Earth Institute offers more than 20 internships to students every academic year. These positions are available throughout the Earth Institute’s research centers, administrative units, and academic programs. Interns are paid an hourly rate of $15, and they may work up to 20 hours per week in the fall and spring semesters, and up to 35 hours per week in the summer. Hiring for internships takes place on a competitive basis.

School of Professional Studies Financial Resources

The School works to ensure that the cost of continuing education and professional studies do not stand in the way of students’ goals. Most students at the School use a combination of savings, scholarships, loans, outside grants, sponsors, or employer tuition benefits to cover the cost of attendance. Visit the  School’s financial resources website for more information.